What happened next? seif Awards finalist Takataka Solutions in Nairobi

Reading about Simonetta Sommaruga’s visit to Kenya in a recent SRF article inspired us to delve deeper into the story of the recycling company she visited: Takataka Solutions. Daniel Paffenholz, founder of Takataka Solutions, participated in one of the very first seif Bootcamps and was one of the seif Awards finalists back in 2012. At […]

Where inspiring social entrepreneurs start their journey

Business Creation Course

April saw the beginning of a new edition of seif’s Business Creation for Social Entrepreneurs workshop and once again we were impressed by the energy and eagerness of the participants to set up their own social business.

New Label Awardees

seif awards

It may be perhaps a bit late to have a look back to 2015. But there have been so many things going on at seif that we didn’t manage to tell you everything that happened before the year ended, and some things are too important to not mentioning.