Social Inclusion

Social inclusion has the power to transform our societies. Find out more about how Social Entrepreneurs promote social inclusion in this article by our guest blogger Chinelo Ifeji.   In a world where disparity between rich and poor is increasing and poverty is strongly linked to social exclusion, social inclusion has become a hot topic […]

Grow your social business with content marketing: here is how

Content Marketing Social Enterprises

As a social entrepreneur and innovator you are most likely interested in doing two things: creating positive impact and generating revenue to scale the impact of your business. In order to generate revenue you need customers and that is where content marketing can play a crucial role for your business. So let’s take a look […]

Social Enterprise Day 2016

Social Enterprise Day 2016 Romania

I had the great pleasure to participate in and contribute to the 3rd Social Enterprise Day in Bucharest (Romania) on November 8th 2016.

Social enterprises, networks and collaboration work

Entry Pitch Social Entrepreneurs Romania

In the first week of August five Social Enterprises (SE) chosen by our partner organization NESsT from its portfolio from several Eastern European and Latin American countries visited seif in Switzerland.