Impact Measurement

Impact Assessment Tool

SEIF‘s Impact Assessment Tool is an integrative rating system for both commercial and impact performance of start-ups. Over the years, SEIF has built an extensive database of impact-driven ventures spanning across Europe. Building on its collection of start-up data, the Impact Assessment Tool can compare ventures in customized peer groups according to their funding stage, sectors, targeted SDGs, geography and across time.

1500+ startups assessed

500 startups added each year

Whether it is speaking to impact investors or impact entrepreneurs, we receive very positive feedback on our systematic and stringent impact assessment approach – which seems to be lacking with other players that style themselves as “impact driven”.

The impact dimension was an important element of forming the partnership with MSCI.

Use Cases

SEIF’s Impact Assessment Tool is used for assessing the impact and commercial viability of single start-ups and entire investment portfolios. Use Cases include the screening for potential impact investments, portfolio verification and comparisons, but also as a selection criterion for SEIF’s Impact Academy and Tech for Impact Awards.

For Investors

  • Customized selections based on funding stage, geography, and targeted SDGs
  • Designated Commercial & Impact Ratings
  • Comparison to start-up peer groups, based on SDG’s and/or impact themes

For Startups

  • SEIF Impact Assessment
  • Exposure to a wide and extensive network of impact investors in Switzerland and in Europe
  • Comparison to start-up peer groups

We offer the tool in the format of a comparison and an overview for a cohort of startups. The target group for this standadized and qualified tool are different impact investors as foundations, family offices or other portofolio holders.

” At the end of the day, we can’t manage what we can’t measure!” – EVPA, Accelerating Impact

The Impact Assessment Tool offers the possibility to benchmark: a single start-up can be compared to the whole database to assess whether the start-up performs better or worse than the average. Benchmarking takes into account both the commercial and the financial potential of the startup.

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