SEIF invest


At SEIF invest we want to build on the strong SEIF legacy to facilitate Series A and B investments in European based, impact driven startups that share our focus for “Tech for Impact” in order to scale their positive impact and financial performance. We work closely with the impact experts at SEIF innovation, embedding their impact measurement and management framework in our investment strategy with the conviction that impact driven technology startups will lead the way to a more sustainable future.


Making investments in single startups in the early stage phase poses risks also in the impact field. A lot can potentially go wrong between entering the market and being a mature successful impact business. Both on the financial side and on the impact side. The professional approach in early-stage venture investing is diversification. We strongly believe that a portfolio approach is the right way forward in this field. SEIF invest targets companies that embed positive impact in their business model and are thus capable to scale it through emerging technologies jointly with their commercial success. SEIF invest targets asset light, tech enabled startups in their Series A / B stage, with individual investments of approximately CHF 1.5 Mio per startup.


SEIF invest manages a unique investment opportunity to Qualified Investors only, where they can benefit from a strong portfolio of startups, selected following a state-of-the-art impact and commercial review. With a multi-year holding period and strong targeted internal rate of return, SEIF invest also specializes in the impact portfolio management. This does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any financial product or services. For more details, please contact


SEIF invest is the collaboration of Prof. Mariana Christen Jakob and Eric Gisiger, who join the impact startup expertise with a strong private equity knowledge. Complementing the SEIF innovation team, SEIF invest employs a dedicated investment team with backgrounds in banking & finance, disruptive innovation and next generation impact investing strategy.