Impact Zebras

SEIF’s Impact Zebras are a well-curated selection of start-ups with the highest impact potential, carefully chosen by SEIF, ready for impact investments. Of the more than 1,500 start-ups evaluated by SEIF each year, only the best are included in this list, which is then made available to selected investors. In this way, SEIF brings together the most promising start-ups with a large, pan- European network of investors to help the start-ups succeed faster and provide impact investors with exceptional investment opportunities. 

The Goal 

SEIF’s Impact Zebras bring together impact investors and exciting start-ups looking for funding, both in Switzerland and in Europe. In order to select the best investment opportunities, SEIF rates the start-ups based on their impact on the SDGs as well as impact themes and in relation to competitors, giving investors unique information on the impact of the venture.

Added Value for Stakeholders

For Investors

  • A list of up to 30 high-impact start-ups looking for funding
  • Designated Commercial & Impact Ratings
  • Comparison to start-up peer groups, based on SDG’s and/or impact themes


For Start-ups

  • Recognition of created impact by an established 3rd party & inclusion in exclusive list of high-impact start-ups
  • Exposure to a wide and extensive network of impact investors in Switzerland and in Europe
  • Designated Commercial & Impact Ratings
  • Comparison to start-up peer groups, based on SDG’s and/or impact themes


For Investors

To receive this investment opportunity, SEIF asks investors for a yearly contribution based on a subscription model. This offers investors four cycles of impact zebras, that each include 20 to 30 investment-ready start-ups, thus resulting in a total of 120 opportunities per year.


For Start-ups

To be included into this investment opportunity, SEIF asks start-ups for a contribution of 2% of any investment made through Impact Zebras. This will ensure that we can continue to create the best possible platform for you to attract potential investors, partners and future customers. We trust you that you will reach out to us in such an event. See conditions in separate document. 

Upcoming Release Dates

February 2022

May 2022

August 2022

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Impact Analyst Support


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