SEIF offers various services around Impact Management including impact analytics, impact reporting and impact consultancy for startups, impact investors, foundations and corporate innovations to assess their contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Impact Analytics 

SEIF has established a structured approach that combines impact with a commercial assessment and allows a consistent rating of impact driven startups. The approach used is based on the renowned Impact Management Project.

Being on the market for over 10 years, SEIF has been able to build an extensive database. Next to the assessment this allows the creation of benchmarks based on eg. financing round, industry or targeted SDGs which in turn enable a unique rating of startups in the growing and sought after impact venture field. 

Impact Reporting

SEIF conducts initial impact assessments as well as in-depth impact due diligences on impact driven solutions. Reports focus on the solution’s Theory of Change (ToC), assessment of impact targets, their contribution towards the SDGs by selecting meaningful KPIs as well as on giving overall recommendations on impact. These reports lay the foundation for a following impact measurement reporting system. 

SEIF‘s approach uses a scoring system that is based on the renowned Impact Management Framework, an initiative that convenes leading industry standards and can be integrated into further impact management and indicators systems such as IRIS. Impact can be assessed and reported both on an individual as well as on a portfolio basis.  

Impact Consulting

SEIF offers impact consulting for clients with existing or emerging innovative solutions. Offers include the development of an impact strategy for a solution as well as the assessment of a solution’s impact potential. The approach used is based on the renowned Impact Management Framework and ensures the integration into further impact management and indicator systems such as IRIS. Offers can include: 

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