Impact measurement

Impact Investing Services

SEIF offers structured and data-driven impact measurement, management and consulting for start-ups, SMEs, companies and investors.

SEIF’s impact investing services follow the usual investment processes and go from a standardized and holistic assessment to a structured and in-depth analysis and reporting of a solution’s impact performance and potential.



Impact Assessment

  • SEIF’s structured approach assesses and combines impact and commercial performance in a singular rating system. This allows for a systematic and standardized rating of impact-driven ventures by an independent third-party with experience in impact management.
  • Along its extensive database built over the years, SEIF can compare ventures against peer groups with similar characteristics ( e.g., financing round, industry, targeted SDGs) and across time.
  • SEIF offers pre-assessed and customized portfolios from its pipeline (capacity building and support programs) to investors.

Impact Due Diligence

  • SEIF conducts in-depth impact due diligences on impact-driven ventures. The report focuses on the solution’s Theory of Change (ToC), assessment of impact targets, their contribution toward the SDGs by selecting meaningful KPIs that go beyond traditional ESG metrics.
  • The report gives feedback and recommendation on how the venture’s commercial viability will allow hinder the scaling and deepening of impact.
  • The report also includes a quantitative comparison of the impact potential to benchmarks and industry standards. This lays the foundation for the following impact measurement reporting system.

Impact Reporting Platform

  • SEIF offers digital reporting services for portfolio managers and corporations that want to measure, track and report the impact performance of selected ventures or across entire investment portfolios.
  • The solution offers an integrated overview of targeted SDGs, impact themes, and impact geographies.
  • The Impact Reporting Platform measures impact performance indicators that extend current ESG practices.
  • The platform aggregates the data and visualizes the outcomes in dynamic and interactive dashboards that can be used for internal reporting directives or external communication purposes.

Get Your Impact

  • To accelerate the capacity building of Swiss early-stage ventures on their socio-environmental impacts and facilitate the adoption of technology and business strategies with a greater positive impact, SEIF has developed a new tool: Get your Impact.
  • In less than 30 minutes, you can learn about your start-up’s socio-environmental impact in a standardized and systematic way, and receive feedback on how to improve it.

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Mariana Christen Jakob