Impact Consulting

SEIF offers impact consulting for clients with existing or emerging innovative solutions. Offers include the development of an impact strategy for a solution as well as the assessment of a solution’s impact potential. The approach ensures the integration into further impact management and indicator systems such as IRIS. Offers can include: 

  • Development of a Theory of Change as the backbone of the impact strategy
  • Definition of long-term impact targets and their contribution towards the SDGs
  • Identification of meaningful Key Indicator sets to track progress of impact
  • Assessment of impact potential
  • Recommendations to increase impact potential
  • Assessment of impact potential and recommendations for further maximisation
  • Integration of impact strategy in existing processes and reporting to stakeholders
  • Support ESG portfolio organisations in adding impact to their portfolio and enable impact investment reporting

Thus, SEIF also offers tailor-made solutions to measure the impact of your enterprises, whereby the level of detail can be chosen arbitrarily. For example, it is also possible for SEIF to support you in your journey to become a more impact-conscious company. Another option is to measure the impact of a single project/product or, for example, one or more innovation programs within your own company.

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Prof. Mariana Christen Jakob

Founder & Managing Partner SEIF


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