Impact Acceleration

Impact Academy

Offer your employees the opportunity to engage with impact-driven startups

The skills-based coaching program Impact Academy is a unique offering to corporations to enrich their corporate volunteering or leadership development programs tailored to the skills and requirements of senior-level managers. SEIF has been active in the impact sector for over 10 years, and the Impact Academy is one of our most successful and appreciated programs that gives employees the possibility to use their know-how and experiences to contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through the coaching process as well as by attending sessions about the SDGs, Impact Management and Finance, Leadership and Self-Management (optional), the Impact Academy makes positive impact tangible for senior managers in your corporation.

In this program, senior managers have the opportunity to:

  • acquire new soft skills and develop interpersonal skills
  • get in contact with the impact-driven startup world
  • gain insight into the dynamics of the impact investment sector
  • gain knowledge on the 17 SGDs
  • apply an impact assessment framework and learn about impact management and future trends and developments in the impact venture sector
  • get exposed to new sustainable business models and an entrepreneurial way of thinking
  • get the chance to apply their knowledge in new sectors and topics and make a personal contribution towards the SDGs
  • gain support by professional frameworks during the program
  • The Impact Academy takes place twice a year, staring in March and September. Each cycle goes on for five to six months, according to a flexible schedule

Contact person: 

Zoé Dumont de Chassart