Get Your Impact

SEIF has identified that start-ups are unsure how to measure their degree of impact as there are few established impact assessment tools in the marketplace to date. SEIF’s novel self-assessment tool “Get Your Impact“ aims to resolve this: Building on a proven impact framework used by SEIF experts called the Impact Management Project™, the tool provides Swiss start-ups with the ability to measure and compare their socio-environmental impact in a standardized and systematic way.

The goal of Get Your Impact is to raise awareness and accelerate the capacity building of early-stage ventures in Switzerland on their socio-environmental impact, which is also important for overall performance and success:

Surround yourself wisely! Distinguish those who want to create positive impact and those who are rather interesting in “greenwashing”.

Etienne Joeffroy, Co-Founder & CEO of FenX

Your Benefits

In less than 30 minutes, you receive an impact score for seven distinct impact criteria derived by SEIF, based on a proven framework in the field of impact management. Moreover, you get tailored feedback on ways to improve the impact potential of your start-up. The process of completing Get Your Impact can also highlight critical issues for the business as a whole, making you rethink certain aspects of your solution, thus further strengthening your business model and overall impact!

What’s next?

If you want to go a step further and get an independent and professional impact assessment, SEIF can help you measure your impact in a structured and standardized way. Have have a look at our Impact Assessment or get in touch with us!


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Niccolò Schlueb

Senior Impact Analyst