Innosuisse Start-up Training

Business Creation – Jumpstart Your Business

Innosuisse Startup Training Business Creation

The “Business Creation for Social Entrepreneurs” training module will help you consolidate your knowledge and create an actionable plan for success. Your business model will be challenged and you will receive specific answers to important questions related to your start-up.

Expert trainers with practical experience building their own businesses will coach you one-on-one during the course. This module is explicitly geared towards the needs of Social Entrepreneurs. To learn more about the course details or to apply, please click on the button below.

After the course, you will have

  • Hands-on knowledge to develop a profitable and impactful business model
  • Professional and personal competences to design, develop and realise your business idea with a special focus on the social impact of your start-up
  • A prioritised set of actions to take you to the next step
  • A fantastic network of coaches, consultants and participants


Startup founders shortly before or shortly after setting up their company.

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Business Growth – Grow Your Start-Up

Innosuisse Startup Training Business Growth

The module “Business Growth” will help you to develop your business focusing on growth-strategies such as systematic customer acquisition, strategy development, financing and internationalization.

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  • Growth & international strategies
  • Cooperation strategies
  • Scalable business models
  • Organization in the growth phase (sales, distribution, engineering, HR, etc.)
  • Growth financing (financing needs and solutions)
  • People and team management (clarifying requirements, recruitment, etc.)
  • Sector-specific/industry-specific mechanisms, models, risks and opportunities
  • Business intelligence
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) and optimization processes


Founders and heads of social enterprises that are already operating in the market and generating revenue.

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