You are a social entrepreneur or would like to become one? Then you are at the right place.

seif supports social entrepreneurs in starting, developing and improving their business. We can advice you on what to look out for when creating and growing your company, help you finding a mentor that complements your team’s skills and network, increase your chances of success before investors and measure the impact of your activities.

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From our blog:

  • Social Inclusion - Social inclusion has the power to transform our societies. Find out more about how Social Entrepreneurs promote social inclusion in this article by our guest blogger Chinelo Ifeji.   In a world where disparity between rich and poor is increasing and poverty is strongly linked to social exclusion, social inclusion has become a hot topic […]
  • Grow your social business with content marketing: here is how - As a social entrepreneur and innovator you are most likely interested in doing two things: creating positive impact and generating revenue to scale the impact of your business. In order to generate revenue you need customers and that is where content marketing can play a crucial role for your business. So let’s take a look […]
  • Email marketing is a powerful online marketing channel – here is why - If you have read A 6 step framework to think about your digital marketing strategy from Roy Morrison, blogger at Rise Africa Rise, and still feel confused about how to market your business in a digital economy then don’t despair.