336 impact startups who want to change the world with tech

With 336 applications across 30 countries, the number of eligible applications for the SEIF Awards Tech for Impact increased with 19 percent compared to 2020.  Switzerland is in the lead accounting for over a third of all applications. Germany represents the second largest country with 13% of the applicants, followed by the Nordics (12%), France (10%) and […]

Support for early-stage Impact Entrepreneurs in Switzerland

The impact entrepreneurship sector has grown in Switzerland in recent years. The idea of solving a social or environmental challenge with an entrepreneurial approach has become more and more widespread. Although the causal relationship can probably not be clarified conclusively, there is another encouraging development in this sector: support services for impact entrepreneurs are also […]

SEIF Award winner solving language barriers in healthcare

We have really made an impact in healthcare with over 1 000 000 translations conducted within our app since we won the SEIF Award. Now it amounts to a total of 3 500 000. Linus Kullänger, Co-Founder & CEO, Care to Translate What happened since winning the SEIF Award? Since winning the SEIF Award for […]

SEIF Award winner closing the loop on PET production

Because of the audience who was present during the Awards, we were able to connect with some parties that were interested in our technology! It also helped us with fundraising goals, and during a pandemic that was a big priority for us.  Dr. Samantha Anderson, CEO & Founder of DePoly SEIF can help you expand […]

The LadyBoss: A social entrepreneur and community builder

Angelyne Larcher is the founder of The LadyBoss and a firm believer in the importance of community. SENS and SEIF are excited to have her as a key partner for the Social Impact Accelerator and are looking forward to bringing our communities together. Being a social entrepreneur herself, we had a few questions about her […]

Social Entrepreneurship – An interview with Prof. Mariana Christen Jakob

Hello Mariana, you are the founder of SEIF, a Professor in social sciences, and with your background and outstanding experience in the field of social entrepreneurship in Switzerland, you are a great expert to speak to! Many thanks for your time to elaborate on the potential of the Social Impact Accelerator.  Can you tell us […]

Unleashing further Social Entrepreneurship potential in Switzerland

Addressing social challenges with an entrepreneurial approach – that is the basic idea of social entrepreneurship. Accordingly, social entrepreneurs define their business purpose in terms of a positive social, ecological or cultural impact.  How widespread is social entrepreneurship in Switzerland? In which economic sectors are social entrepreneurs active? And how can the sector be better […]

Four new experts join the SEIF Awards Tech for Impact jury

January 26th, 2021: Four new experts join the experienced SEIF Awards Tech for Impact jury in looking for Europe’s leading impact tech entrepreneurs: Dr. Julia Binder, Michael Stucky, Gregor Erismann and Awards partner representative Jasmin Khalifa. ”Thanks to the highly qualified jury and detailed selection process, the SEIF Awards have been established as a quality […]