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Why Tech for Impact?

At SEIF, we think that it is important if not urgent to foster the positive potential of technology. This means to integrate the impact dimension in the newest technological developments and to communicate the impact management transparently. And we are pleased to see that a growing community starts to think in this direction.

Some of the most pressing issues such as climate change, the aging population, dementia, inequality, financial inclusion or health solutions are no longer hopeless but can be solved with new technology approaches. But we also need to be aware of the potential negative impact the use of technology may bring along.

Prof. Mariana Christen JakobFounderSEIF

What is the SEIF Awards?

The SEIF Awards target european impact entrepreneurs who develop or make innovative use of technologies to tackle social and/or environmental challenges and contribute to the UN SDGs. Each Award grants the winners CHF 10’000. Together with our partners UBS and PwC we provide finalists a unique opportunity to increase their international awareness, gain reputation and present themselves to a top-class jury.


What do former Award winners say?

Winning the Award not only increased our visibility but it also gave us credibility in front of potential investors since our business plan was already reviewed by eminent jury members.

Bertrand KlaiberCEO & Co-FounderPristem

To be recognized and rewarded for doing something you love is a privilege that we are grateful for. It means that our work matters to people all around the world. The Award exposed Wecyclers at the international level and made us more visible worldwide.

Bilikiss Adebiyi-AbiolaCEO & Co-FounderWecyclers

First of all, participating in competitions is a great occasion of connecting with creative and ambitious people and finding out about their innovative ideas and how to improve the future.

Dénes HonusCEO & Co-FounderGreeen City Solutions

Award Categories 2020

SEIF Award for Scalable Solution
supported by SEIF

SEIF Award for Responsible Business
supported by PwC

SEIF Award for Social Innovation
supported by UBS

1. Can projects from outside of Switzerland apply for the SEIF Awards?

Yes, definitely! The SEIF Awards are not at all limited to Swiss ventures. We are more than happy to receive applications from all over Europe as well, the operations can be worldwide. With Europe, we refer to the region’s Innovation Ecosystem and refrain from a purely political or geographical definition. The EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 provides a useful guideline and all participating countries are welcome to apply. 

2. Can we apply with any technical solution?

Yes, of course! From Low Tech to Deep Tech, there are endless opportunities to use the huge potential of technology to tackle today’s social and/ or environmental challenges!

3. How much does it cost to apply?

It’s free of charge! There is no cost to apply.

4. Do we have to apply directly for a specific category (e.g. scalable solution or responsible business)?

No, you just hand in a general application for the SEIF Awards. The jury will assign your case to a specific category during the evaluation process.

5. Can I submit my award application in German?

Yes, absolutely! You can submit your application in English or German.

6. What should be included in my business description?

The structure of your business description is free but it should include all relevant information about your business. The business description should be uploaded in PDF format and should not exceed 30 pages.

Please remember that all important information should be covered, but the reader should not feel overwhelmed with information. Ask for feedback from a person not involved in your organization!

7. We already applied for the SEIF Awards in the past. Can we try again?

Yes, definitely. Every startup develops and changes over time. Among our past year’s winners were several startups that won an award only after applying for the second time.

8. What are the evaluation criteria for the SEIF Award applications?

The jury focuses on the following criteria during the evaluation process:

  • Professional skills of the project team
  • Innovation of the project
  • Social / ecological impact
  • Quality of the business model and financing
  • Proof of concept
  • Replicability and scale

9. We have an updated SRS-report. Can we hand it in instead of the business plan?

Yes, of course. If you also have a business plan, please hand in both documents.

10.  Can I start my application and come back to it later?

Yes, you are able to save your application and finish it later.

11. Can I still change my application after submission?

Yes, but you have to submit your application again.

12. When do I hear back from SEIF?

The applications for the SEIF Awards are open from January 5th until March 31st 2020. After this deadline, we will review all the business plans and present them to the Jury. You will hear from us by mid April. However, we recommend to block the pitch day 28th of April in your agenda. Please be aware that we can’t give personal feedback to your application.

13. Where and when is the Award Ceremony?

The Award Ceremony takes place in Zurich, 17th of June 2020.


We continuously update the FAQs.