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seif Awards 2017
seif Awards 2017

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myAbility – Award for Integration & Prevention

MyAbility creates an accessible society with equal opportunities through economic co-operations with the business community and enables social participation through generating accessible products, services and jobs for people with disabilities. myAbility offers an efficacious, integrated concept of consulting as well as placement services and solutions.

Smart Home Technology – Award for Entrepreneurial Innovation

Smart Home Technology is an ETH spin-off founded in 2014. Partnering with big corporates such as Swisscom and Microsoft, their new core product, the IoT Concentrator, is a full industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solution that supports mid-sized companies to bring offline products to an online world and increase the efficiency & sustainability of supply chains.

BLITAB® –  Award for Future Trends

BLITAB® is the World’s first tactile tablet for blind and visually impaired people. It allows blind users to learn and work with one mobile device, to have digital access to information in real time. BLITAB® can transform the life of millions and ensure better job opportunities and economic prosperity.

Fightthestroke / Mirrorable – Award for Digital Healthcare

Mirrorable is an interactive platform created by Fightthestroke that couples the latest findings in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence for a new model of motor rehabilitation at home, specially designed for children who suffered a brain damage at a very early stage of their lives.

Coolar – Award for Social Entrepreneurship

Coolar UG develops a compact size refrigeration system that cools with heat instead of electricity. About 75% of vaccines are damaged in developing regions due to faulty cooling that is mainly caused by unreliable electricity supply. The Coolar refrigeration system aims at offering a sustainable cooling option – without using electricity – to store vaccines and medicines in these regions. Coolar’s fridge could also be used for any kind of products, but because of the high value vaccines have for economic development, Coolar aims to create a solution for this high impact problem.

Swiss Blue Energy – Audience Award

Swiss Blue Energy is an early-stage technology startup that develops the Thermo-Magnetic Motor (TMM), which is an alternative to energy storage infrastructure. The TMM applies the well-known Curie effect and therefore creates electricity from any low-temperature heat source, for example warm water from industry or oil refineries. The TMM provides a baseload of constant, emission-free electricity that complements and helps regulate the production from other sources (solar, wind and geothermal).  Their vision is to supply humanity with 24/7 electricity in an emission-free way.

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Looking Back

Social enterprises from all over Europe and in all sectors were invited to apply. A total of 50.000 CHF in cash prize is available to be divided among the winners of each of the following five categories: