SEIF Award winner Bloom Biorenewables makes biomass a true alternative to petroleum

Today, we find petroleum in all kinds of products we use on a daily basis. For example, in the insulation panels in our walls, fragrances we wear, plastics, clothing, digital devices or in the products we eat. All these products could be sourced from more sustainable resources. However, the technological solution to do this in an […]

Building an impact driven tech startup in Switzerland – Interview with SEIF Award winner Etienne Jeoffroy

Tech for Impact Award winner 2019 – Interview with FenX Co-Founder and CEO Etienne Jeoffroy The buildings we live and work in have a fundamental influence on the environment and on our health. Energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission as well as safety and health standards can differ greatly – depending on the insulation material used. The […]

Build the world you want to live in

Norwegian-based Katapult Accelerator has a deep belief in exponential technologies, helping impact focused startups scale faster while solving global challenges. Earlier this year, we talked to Managing Partner & CEO, Haakon Brunell, about impact entrepreneurship and technology as a key driver for change. The interview was originally published in the 2019 SEIF Awards brochure. The […]

Why we need Tech for Impact

We live in fascinating, yet demanding, times when it comes to technology and global development. Better solutions are needed for both social and environmental challenges, as outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Technology not only has the potential to solve some of these challenges but often, also the scalability needed to meet their magnitude, […]

What happened 2019? Tech for Impact, a growing team and exciting new developments

With new developments, a growing team and countless, inspiring, interactions with many amazing impact driven entrepreneurs, we can really say a lot of great things happened this year. We can’t wait for 2020 and all exciting things ahead. But first, let’s reflect a bit on what happened the past 12 months. For the SEIF Awards, […]

Impact investing and the next generation of wealth owners

Focusing on the next generation of wealth owners, this interview was originally published in our whitepaper Small Sized Impact Investing Fund – Challenges and Opportunities available for free download here. Launched in February 2017, the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth is based on the expertise of the “Impact Investing for the Next Generation” research and training […]

7 tips on how to become a successful impact entrepreneur

Impact driven entrepreneurship is all about doing something good at the core of your business, alongside maintaining your financial revenue. The worldwide growing demand for better and sustainable solutions creates great potential for impact entrepreneurs to develop successful businesses. But how do you become a successful impact entrepreneur? We created this list based on our collection of tips from […]

How to Engage Family Offices in Impact Investing

How can we further support and encourage family offices to engage in impact investing? The need for effective impact investment opportunities is growing, where women and the next generation of asset owners (NextGen) have been the strongest supporters. Impact investing challenges the long held view that social and environmental issues should only be addressed through […]