SEIF’s new impact self-assessment, “Get Your Impact”, is ready for testing!

What is the socio-environmental impact of your start-up? Check the new “Get Your Impact” tool from SEIF to find out! SEIF’s latest development provides the Swiss start-up landscape with a simple-to-use self-assessment tool to measure and compare socio-environmental impact in a standardised and systematic way. The tool is based on the five impact dimensions of […]

Impact Investing: Beyond ESG!

Sustainable investments continue to grow rapidly. For nine years in a row, Switzerland experienced a double-digit growth in sustainable investments. The most commonly used of all sustainable investment approaches is the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors right before ESG Engagement and Exclusion.1 When applying Engagement, shareholders initiate a conversation with the goal […]

What is Impact Management?

Impact Management We are in the fifth week of the Social Impact Accelerator, with impact management being a key component within the first few weeks. But what exactly does impact management mean? Why is it important?  And how do you get started? We dove deep into these questions with each social entrepreneur, and have answered […]

The 10 Zebra startups that will take part in the SIA

Out of the 50 applications for the Social Impact Accelerator, a total of 10 Zebra startups will participate in the three-month accelerator program that launched on April 29th.  We are excited to support these Zebra startups on their growth journey: Backpack2schoolHemolyticsSEET – Support Education, Empower TogetherrrreefsFairpictureButterfyRoot & Branch – Inclusion and ReturnRegeMena CooperativeSolafricaINNTRA – Innovative […]

336 impact startups who want to change the world with tech

With 336 applications across 30 countries, the number of eligible applications for the SEIF Awards Tech for Impact increased with 19 percent compared to 2020.  Switzerland is in the lead accounting for over a third of all applications. Germany represents the second largest country with 13% of the applicants, followed by the Nordics (12%), France (10%) and […]

Support for early-stage Impact Entrepreneurs in Switzerland

The impact entrepreneurship sector has grown in Switzerland in recent years. The idea of solving a social or environmental challenge with an entrepreneurial approach has become more and more widespread. Although the causal relationship can probably not be clarified conclusively, there is another encouraging development in this sector: support services for impact entrepreneurs are also […]

SEIF Award winner solving language barriers in healthcare

With the vision that every healthcare provider should be able to communicate with all patients regardless of the language they speak, 2020 SEIF Award winner Care to Translate has developed a responsible business model. Aiming to strengthen patient safety, increase efficiency and lower healthcare costs. Problem In the healthcare sector, language barriers and miscommunication between […]