Since 2011

What we do

At SEIF, we work with impact driven founders who aim to solve our planet’s most pressing global challenges, by employing and leveraging innovative business models within the marketplace. Our aim is to support passionate entrepreneurs in establishing product-market-fit and scale ventures with positive impact integrated at the core of their business model.

SEIF is well positioned in the heart of Europe’s tech for impact ecosystem with the annual SEIF Tech for Impact Awards, where more than 3’800 impact startups have been  evaluated. Since 2019, the Awards finalists have gone on to successfully raise over CHF 86 million in equity funding.

SEIF also offers acceleration and capacity building programs in close collaboration with corporate partners. To date, our programs have supported over 1’500 impact startups and granted exclusive access to an international angel investor network.

Our history

SEIF history mariana christen jakob tech for impact awards

SEIF has a longstanding history as an impact venture accelerator with a pan-European focus. Founded in 2011 by Prof. Mariana Christen Jakob with the aim of professionalizing the social entrepreneurship sector and providing impact startups with the necessary support to grow and scale successfully.

Over the past 10 years, the SEIF team has built an extensive pipeline and database of impact driven entrepreneurs, whereby a significant gap in external capital made available for early-stage impact ventures in need of first-time financing has been observed.

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