At SEIF, we work with impact driven entrepreneurs who with their business models aim to solve some of our most pressing global challenges, alongside having a solid business case. Entrepreneurs with positive impact integrated at the core of the business model.

Since 2011, we offer specialized coaching, trainings, consulting and impact investment opportunities to support impact entrepreneurs to advance their businesses, enter the market, grow and scale successfully. In 2020, we founded SEIF invest as an addition to SEIF innovation, to take the next steps in the impact investing sector.

Together with our corporate partners, we lead the SEIF TECH FOR IMPACT Awards, a Europe-wide competition for impact driven tech entrepreneurs. Twice a year we run the IMPACT ACADEMY which is linked to our Angel network the Impact Investors Circle

We continuously refine our existing programs, develop new services and explore new partnership opportunities for corporates and organizations to engage with impact entrepreneurs in a meaningful way. Together, we can create positive impact.


Prof. Mariana Christen Jakob

Founder and Managing Partner SEIF | Co-Founder SEIF invest EmailLinkedIn
Impact Investing

With over 20 years experience in social innovation, CSR and impact entrepreneurship Mariana is an expert within impact investing as well as non-financial support for impact entrepreneurs. She founded SEIF in 2011 with the aim to professionalize the social entrepreneurship sector and provide impact startups with the necessary support to grow and scale successfully. Today, Mariana leads the way in early stage Tech for Impact investing, finding solutions for the issues involved in initiating the first financing rounds.


First Ventures, Gebert Ruf Foundation, Jury Member
The programme promotes UAS students with an innovative business idea with financial contribution as well as tailored coaching

BRIDGE, jointly offered by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Innosuisse, Member Steering Committee
The programme offers funding opportunities at the intersection of basic and science-based innovation for young and experienced researchers

RaiseNow, Advisory Board Member

Aimée van der Wolde

Managing Partner SEIF EmailLinkedIn
Impact Acceleration

As Managing Partner, Aimée leads the implementation of SEIF’s Tech for Impact programs and new developments. She has a strong background in deal sourcing for impact angels and is in charge of the Impact Investors Circle, SEIF’s network of impact driven business angels. In prior roles, Aimée managed social innovation and impact programs for public and private institutions, consulted entrepreneurs and public institutions on impact and worked with Social Impact Bonds. At SEIF, she thrives in her role, supporting impact startups to become impact investment ready.


WSA National Expert & Jury Member

Climate-KIC Switzerland Jury Member 2019

Yunus&Youth Jury Member 2019

Sarah Linder

Managing Partner SEIF EmailLinkedIn
Impact Management

As Managing Partner and SEIF’s impact management expert, Sarah leads strategic projects within impact management in the context of impact investment. She is in charge of the SEIF Impact Academy and educational programs. Sarah is experienced within impact driven entrepreneurship, having worked with impact entrepreneurs in Switzerland and Brazil. She has an academic background in business and sustainability, holds a PGC in social innovation management and absolved EVPA and Acumen trainings in social impact management and measurement as well as lean data approaches to measure social impact.


Venture Jury

Maria Ljung

Senior Manager SEIF EmailLinkedIn
Impact Ecosystem

Maria manages the Europe-wide startup competition SEIF Tech for Impact Awards. In her role, she looks for European impact entrepreneurs who develop or make innovative use of technologies to tackle the most pressing global social and/or environmental challenges. She has a strong belief in fostering the positive potential of technology to achieve sustainable and scalable impact. Before joining SEIF, she primarily worked within business, culture and trade promotion in the public and non-profit sectors in Europe. Her academic background is in economics, international relations and journalism.


WSA National Expert

Amanda Weilenmann

Project Manager SEIF EmailLinkedIn

Amanda provides marketing and communication support and assists in the organisation and implementation of the SEIF Impact Academy. She has a strong belief that many small actions can lead to positive change, and has a passion for nature and the outdoors. Before joining SEIF, Amanda was working for a sustainability consultancy in London and founded a group organising events to raise awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals. She is also active in volunteering for WWF and has experience with Swiss startups. Amanda holds an MBA from St. Edward’s University.

Dr. Jaap E. Borger

Technology Advisor SEIF EmailLinkedIn

Jaap E. Borger is a scientist with a background in sustainable chemistry. He moved to work and live in Switzerland after obtaining his doctoral degree in the Netherlands at the end of 2016. He has experience as a research associate in the pharmaceutical industry and as a postdoctoral researcher at the ETH in Zürich. His latest projects involved the development of new strategies to sustainably produce bulk and specialty chemicals, as well as the synthesis of novel materials designed to tackle some of the current challenges in the energy industry. With his background and vision, he has the skills to detain the potential of technology in order to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Eric Gisiger

Co-Founder SEIF invest EmailLinkedIn
Investment Advisor

As co-founder of SEIF invest, Eric acts as Investment Advisor in the development of the platform and the underlying portfolio companies with a Tech for Impact focus. In addition to the positive impact, he sees great commercial potential and thus attractive investment opportunities in early-stage and growth companies addressing some of our most pressing global challenges. Eric is a seasoned and entrepreneurial investment professional with more than 20 years of successful international working experience covering the areas of private equity / venture capital, M&A, corporate development, international project- and institutional relationship management.

Luca Christen

Investment Manager SEIF invest EmailLinkedIn

As Investment Manager, Luca leads the portfolio management process and supports the establishment of impact driven investment opportunities. He is a strong believer that entrepreneurs that have an impact purpose and a technical innovation are more dedicated – and thus more successful in their ventures. Before joining SEIF invest, Luca worked in finance in the agronomy sector in both Europe and South America. He has past M&A experience and holds a Master in Banking and Finance from the University of St. Gallen. 

Alessandro Tronza

Impact Investing Analyst SEIF invest EmailLinkedIn

As Impact Investment Analyst, Alessandro supports SEIF invest with the commercial due diligence and impact assessment of startups. Beyond his personal commitments to leading a more sustainable lifestyle, he is a strong believer in the balance between financial performance and socio-environmental impact in the marketplace. Before joining SEIF invest, Alessandro has made relevant work experiences in the FinTech sector as well as Corporate Investment Banking (M&A), and holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of St.Gallen.