Tech for Impact Awards 2023

10 finalists announced

The open call for the SEIF Tech for Impact Awards was launched in January 2023. Now, almost 5 months later, we finally have our 10 finalists. 

Now in its 13th edition, the SEIF Tech for Impact Awards is a leading competition for European impact-led startups. The competition is a showcase of the most innovative uses of technology to contribute to the UN SDGs.

The 10 startups have gone through 3 selection rounds conducted by the SEIF team and expert jury. Last week, they pitched for the jury and responded to their questions. Based on quantitative and qualitative assessment criteria, and after in-depth discussions on the solutions presented by the founders, these 10 startups were selected to pitch at the Awards Ceremony on June 6th 2023. For this crucial step, the jury, with its diverse and complementary expertise, represents an unparalleled value to ensure the relevance of the selection and reward the most promising solutions.

Ultimately, three startups will be selected to be the winners of the UBS Award for Social Innovation, the Julius Bär Award for Future Impact Trend and the SEIF Award for Women in Tech for Impact 2023. We provide finalists with a unique opportunity to increase international awareness, pitch in front of impact investors and establish a positive reputation in the impact ecosystem. Each Award grants the winner CHF 10’000, in addition to non-financial support offered by each of our partners.

The Tech for Impact Awards would not be possible without all the startups that apply each year. We take a moment to thank everyone who applied and wish everyone all the best in their ventures to create positive impact. 

Finalists 2023:

Openversum – Switzerland: 

Microfranchising of locally manufactured water goods with leading-edge membrane technology.

Inverto Tech – Switzerland: 

Provides custom solutions optimized for drones to invert the loss of trees, mangroves and insects. 

Plasticfri – Sweden:

Turning agricultural waste into eco-frineldy products for replacing plastics. 

NoPalm Oil – The Netherlands:

Produces tailor-made yeast oils & fats, made from agri-food waste streams that substitute palm and other vegetable oils in food, cosmetics, and home care products. 

Buzzup – Italy:

Translates the sound of bees into pollination performance to increase crop yields and quality while certifying health. 

munevo – Germany:

An assistive technology startup that uses smart glasses to help people with disabilities. 

deedster – Sweden: 

Developing digital tools and software solutions that empower people to act for the climate.

Vivent – Switzerland: 

Tapping into plant signaling networks and decoding them using artificial intelligence to enable growers to increase yields and reduce inputs like water, fertiliser, energy and pesticides.

Yeastup – Switzerland: 

Developing vegan proteins and fibres that are highly versatile, natural and sustainable, by upcycling the brewery’s by-products. 

Voltiris – Switzerland: 

Solar modules enabling greenhouse growers to harvest green energy while growing crops.