Swiss South African Blockchain Innovation Challenge

Participants announced

4 Swiss startups and 5 South African startups have been selected for the Swiss-South Africa Blockchain Innovation Challenge. 

The program provides South African and Swiss blockchain startups with the opportunity to connect and leverage each other’s ecosystems and resources. The Swiss start-ups will travel to Cape Town to attend the South African Innovation Summit 2023 and make connections with the South African ecosystem. 

All participants attended input sessions on Impact Management, provided by SEIF, as well as on how to do business in South Africa. There will be opportunities to engage with university and industry partners to gain a better understanding of the market in other countries and interact with the local innovation ecosystem. 

The program was initiated by the Swiss Leading House – University of Basel and the Embassy of Switzerland to South Africa, in collaboration with esteemed partners Swissnex, SEIF, Algorand, CV VC, Wintech, and University of Cape Town: Fintech Hub.

Participants from Switzerland


Leveraging blockchain to de-risk direct, scaled-up partnerships between global funders and local non-profits. 


Brings trust across complex food and agriculture supply chains through their traceability ecosystem.


A platform that allows people, brands and governments to easily access pertinent product information and differentiate legitimate from fake or illicitly traded products. 


Provides verifiable identity for safe, secure online interactions. Your digital passport to the Metaverse.

Participants from South Africa


Facilitates safe and secure transactions by acting as an Escrow agent. 


Partners with mobile operators to provide smallholder farmers with digital advisory services and digital financial services. 


AI and Blockchain firm focused on de-risking startup investments in Africa.


Creating a mini-model of a more accessible and fair economy using blockchain technology and tokenomics starting with a small rural town in South Africa.


Assigns unique NFTs to certifications from accredited organizations, ensuring authenticity and integrity, starting with the education sector.