Meet UP Zürich, a participant of the Spring and Fall 2022 editions of the SEIF Impact Academy.

We continue to highlight some of the participants of the SEIF Impact Academy and how the Impact Academy helped them get impact investment ready.  Today on focus is UP Zürich, which took part in two editions of the Impact Academy!

What is UP Zürich? 

UP Zürich is a Zürich-based platform designed to unite individuals in need with solution-based resources, focusing on mental health awareness, education and community building interlinked with physical health. Their goal is to break the stigma surrounding mental health by providing a space for individuals to share their challenges, successes and positive practices to maintain good mental health.

What SDGs are they contributing towards and how?

The main SDG UP Zürich works towards is SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing. They do this by uplifting local experts in the field of mental and physical health and connecting them with residents as well as corporate businesses.

This is what they had to say about SEIF’s Impact Academy and what led them to take part in two editions:

We would 100% recommend the Impact Academy as they connected us with incredible coaches that helped make a bigger impact and helped us sustainably build our business. And not only did we have amazing coaches that walked us all the way to the finish line, but we were also able to connect with all these other startups which gave us the opportunity to rise up together. So we absolutely recommend you sign up for the SEIF Impact Academy and start making your impact right here in Zurich.

What is the Impact Academy?

The Impact Academy targets impact-driven entrepreneurs to support them in getting impact-investment ready over a five-month support program. You get: 

  • coaching support targeting your special needs by two different experts from a large corporation
  • access to webinars and support to develop and establish an impact measurement framework
  • the opportunity to pitch in front of an expert community and potential impact investors