Out of the many other support programs in the ecosystem, why did you apply specifically to the SEIF Tech for Impact Awards?

The SEIF Tech for Impact Awards offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your impact driven innovation to a diverse and global audience. If your innovation contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, then SEIF is a great platform to advertise your technology and accelerate your market entry. Winning the SEIF Awards for Social Innovation gave us immense visibility within the sustainability sector in Europe and got us in contact with many valuable leads from potential customers to investors.


Would you recommend other impact tech startups to apply for the SEIF Tech for Impact Awards? And why?

Yes, absolutely! If you are an impact driven start-up, then I highly encourage you to apply for the SEIF awards. You will learn everything from pitching your solution, to challenging your key assumptions, and discussing your commercialising strategy with market and industry experts. Moreover, you will get in contact with other highly innovative companies creating revolutionary solutions for a sustainable future. So, it is a great ecosystem to be a part of and learn from.


Is there any advice you received from the jury and/or corporate partner that you found has helped you in reaching new milestones? Can you tell us more about it?

One of the key lessons we learnt from the jury of SEIF was the importance of developing strong insights into your market and segmenting your go-to-market plan by prioritising customers with the lowest entry barriers. This helps you focus on your first market (especially if your market is as big and fragmented as the wastewater treatment market ) and optimises use of your resources.


Since the beginning of the project, what has confirmed the relevance of Oxyle and its sustainability?

Great market traction, successful customer pilots, raising sufficient non-dilutive funding early on, and attracting great talent to join our incredible team.