We are thrilled to announce that the 10 finalists of the SEIF Tech for Impact Awards 2022 have been selected!

With over 280 applications across 24 countries, the quality of applications for the hit a record once again!  The high quality and diversity of applications came with high competition. This is where SEIF’s impact and business assessment tool came into play, to ensure a standardised and structured approach to the selection process.

Earlier this month, the 20 pre-selected candidates had the chance to present their solution in front of the SEIF Awards Jury, to become one of the 10 finalists competing for the Tech for Impact Awards.

We would like to thank all the applicants for their great work and dedication towards creating a valuable positive impact and we encourage them to continue to work towards these goals!

Who Are The Finalists?

Antefil Composite Tech (CH)
Antefil Composite Tech offers a more cost-efficient and cleaner way to produce lightweight structures for industrial applications. Its patent-pending and award- winning technology allows the production of glass fibres that are individually coated with a meltable, recyclable plastic.

Beyond Leather Materials ApS (DK)
Beyond Leather Materials has developed a patented process to turn fruit waste into a new material. The company is set out to disrupt the leather industry, with the clear goal of producing the most sustainable leather alternative and pushing the industry towards transparency.

Composite Recycling (CH)
Currently, 2.4 million tonnes of glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) waste is produced every year, with 90% of all GFRP waste ending up in landfill. Composite Recycling has developed an innovative technology to valorize the reclaimed glass fibre and pyrolysis oil to make recycling GFRP both circular and profitable.

Groam (CH)
Groam transforms globally abundant agricultural waste streams into foamed biodegradable biomaterials for fast disposables like packaging, fashion and beyond. It offers a waste-based material formulation as granulate resin and a proprietary technology to foam such materials.

Onescope SA (CH)
Onescope SA is developing a unique autonomous multi-parameter stethoscope called Pneumoscope® using artificial intelligence (AI) for lung sounds classification, disease risk stratification and clinical outcome prediction.

Phelas GmbH (DE)
Phelas is developing an electricity storage system: Aurora. This system uses a newly developed thermodynamic process to store energy in liquid air. Through this modular, affordable and sustainable technology, they pave the way towards a 100% renewable energy supply worldwide.

Ponera Group (CH)
Ponera Group facilitates circular logistics through smart modular and digitally enabled industrial packaging solution. The use of bio-polymers ensures the possibility of reusing the packaging many times in the long duration of life, and its full recyclability.

Roslin Technologies Ltd (UK)
Roslin Technologies is a biotech company focused on high impact innovations in food and agriculture. Their primary focus is on animal cells, as their goal is to use unique cells to create and lead the market for cell lines to enable cultivated meat to reach the mass market around the world.

Swistor (CH)
Swistor develops a novel technology enabling high energy and ultra fast charging hybrid supercapacitors that combine high energy storage capability with high- power delivery capability, to enable the next generation of energy storage devices, to replace current batteries with an environmentally friendly solution.

traceless materials GmbH (DE)
traceless is a circular bioeconomy startup offering a holistically sustainable alternative to conventional plastics and bioplastics. Their innovative, patented technology allows to use food production residues to produce materials that are compostable under natural composting conditions.

Meet the finalists

The finalists will pitch live at the Awards Ceremony in a few weeks. This event is a unique opportunity to get first-hand insight on how innovative tech solutions can create positive impact, and to meet the European impact ecosystem.

Join us for the SEIF Tech for Impact Awards Ceremony on June 15th (5.30 pm, CEST) to connect with the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem, and celebrate leading European Tech for Impact entrepreneurs!

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