What is the socio-environmental impact of your start-up? Check the new “Get Your Impact” tool from SEIF to find out!

SEIF’s latest development provides the Swiss start-up landscape with a simple-to-use self-assessment tool to measure and compare socio-environmental impact in a standardised and systematic way. The tool is based on the five impact dimensions of the Impact Management ProjectTM, an internationally renown and proven framework to measure impact. The entire experience of SEIF‘s decade-long assessment of pan-European tech for impact ventures has gone into the conception and design of the tool.

For as little as CHF 20, start-ups receive tailored feedback on how to improve their impact potential and a detailed impact score. Complete the Get Your Impact tool as the first step towards a rigorous and effective impact strategy for your organisation!

Accelerators, awards programs and support programs are encouraged to reach out to us if interested to use “Get Your Impact” as part of their scouting, review, and selection processes as a structured, professional method for assessing and managing impact. In higher education, the tool can serve as a learning tool and awareness builder to shape the mindset of future entrepreneurs. Overall, we firmly believe that the “Get Your Impact” tool contributes to driving impact innovation and fostering a culture where the impact dimension is a key component of technological development and economic success!