With the vision that every healthcare provider should be able to communicate with all patients regardless of the language they speak, 2020 SEIF Award winner Care to Translate has developed a responsible business model. Aiming to strengthen patient safety, increase efficiency and lower healthcare costs.


In the healthcare sector, language barriers and miscommunication between healthcare professionals and patients can lead to serious consequences. Such as misdiagnosis, malpractice, inefficiency and increased costs.

The availability of medically authorised interpreters is low in relation to the need in many countries worldwide. In addition, traditional translation applications are not designed for medical and clinical terminology. Such solutions tend to be very imprecise. Sometimes completely wrong. In an emergency, fast and reliable information is essential.

Healthcare professionals are not able to safely and effectively communicate with patients who do not speak the same language. Safe and effective communication between patients and healthcare professionals is crucial to ensure the right to care on equal terms. Including patient safety and quality of care.


Care to Translate has developed a digital solution that offers medically, contextually and culturally verified communication for the healthcare sector. With translations verified by native speakers.

The medical translator is available 24/7 for all smart devices with the goal to make healthcare more equal. It can be used in emergency situations as well as in the daily work at the ward.

We have really made an impact in healthcare with over 1 000 000 translations conducted within our app since we won the SEIF Award. Now it amounts to a total of 3 500 000.

Linus Kullänger, Co-Founder & CEO, Care to Translate

What happened since winning the SEIF Award?

Since winning the SEIF Award for Responsible Business last year, the team has signed a deal with a whole Swedish region and will now start to onboard hundreds of clinics into their solution. In addition, they have grown with over 100 000 new users and increased their daily and monthly active users.

We talked to co-founder & CEO Linus Kullänger to learn more.

With the current pandemic Care to Translate is likely being used more than ever, how has your technology helped people through the past year?

Indeed it is. We see that we can break a lot of communication barriers concerning Covid-19 and vaccinations. For example, we are being used in emergency departments where healthcare professionals triage covid-patients and currently we are onboarding healthcare units to use our solution when giving vaccinations.

Care to Translate is and has been involved in many competitions, events, and programs. How do you choose the events and competitions that you participate in? What made you apply for the SEIF Awards?

We choose events, programs and competitions carefully as it takes a lot of time and effort to apply and attend, and usually want them to in some degree address social impact or subjects and themes that are close to our core.

We applied to the SEIF Awards because it gave us the opportunity to reach an international network with a special interest in social impact.

Aside from the financial benefit, how has the SEIF Award helped you achieve your goals?

The SEIF Award has given us a lot of good publicity in a crowd and network that fits us perfectly. We have also gotten additional public affirmation that we are on the right track with what we do. This helps us to find business and network partners as well as investors.

We would highly recommend other impact tech startups to apply for the SEIF Awards because it is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded companies and see that your company will get great publicity from a social impact driven crowd.

Linus Kullänger, Co-Founder & CEO, Care to Translate

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