Social Entrepreneurship – An interview with Prof. Mariana Christen Jakob

Hello Mariana, you are the founder of SEIF, a Professor in social sciences, and with your background and outstanding experience in the field of social entrepreneurship in Switzerland, you are a great expert to speak to! Many thanks for your time to elaborate on the potential of the Social Impact Accelerator.  Can you tell us […]

Reflections from a successful social entrepreneur

Hi Andrina, it is great to speak to you about your experience as a successful social entrepreneur. You are the Social Lead of  Powercoders Switzerland the coding academy for refugees. Can you tell us in short what Powercoders is and why it exists? Powercoders is a program for refugees and migrants, and we train them […]

Unleashing further Social Entrepreneurship potential in Switzerland

Addressing social challenges with an entrepreneurial approach – that is the basic idea of social entrepreneurship. Accordingly, social entrepreneurs define their business purpose in terms of a positive social, ecological or cultural impact.  How widespread is social entrepreneurship in Switzerland? In which economic sectors are social entrepreneurs active? And how can the sector be better […]