Serial entrepreneur and former SEIF Award winner Oliver Marchand has a passion for spreadsheets. According to him, they are critical in growing a successful company and relevant for a wide range of topics like meeting notes, financial planning and marketing.

Building on his experience with Carbon Delta an MSCI company, CEO and co-founder, Oliver held a workshop on the importance of spreadsheets for the third Input Session of the Impact Academy Fall Cycle 2019. 

Oliver based the input session on his personal experience at Carbon Delta and his proven success in working and organizing with spreadsheets. He is convinced of the effectiveness of spreadsheets – they help people think and are a great tool to help to organize, structure, capture data and make better estimations and decisions.

Spreadsheets help people think and are a great tool to communicate

How can you use spreadsheets to grow a successful impact business?

On the platform, Oliver shares 10 of his most useful spreadsheets. However, he points out that they are not so easily adaptable to every company. A spreadsheet can be seen as a tomato: once created, it needs to be edited, changed and further developed according to the needs of the user. You need to plant and care for your worksheets in the same way you have to care for tomato plants.

During the input session, Oliver highlighted two worksheets in particular:

The Meeting Cockpit sheet gives meetings a clear structure and helps to make them more efficient. This ensures that all important points have been discussed and that all team members are on the same level of information. The Meeting Cockpit is an essential tool to make meetings effective and remove the requirement to write minutes. This spreadsheet helps you to manage the meetings and give everybody a visual representation of the agenda and the decisions taken in the meeting.

The Competition Spider helps companies to compare their offers with those of their competitors. Knowing how your product compares to the competition is one of the crucial success factors of any startup. Unfortunately competitor studies are often unsystematic and incomplete. The spider helps you to understand what’s missing and visualizes the result in an easy way.

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About Carbon Delta

CARBON DELTA is a research firm that specializes in identifying and analyzing the climate change resilience of publicly traded companies. Oliver, CEO and co-founder, started the company in 2015 when he realized that the economic effects of climate change had started to really affect financial markets. Carbon Delta was successfully acquired by MSCI in 2019.



Oliver Marchand
CEO & Co-Founder

What are tomatosheets?

Tomatosheets are a set of spreadsheet templates that cover a wide range of topics like meeting notes, financial planning and marketing. Created and prepared by serial entrepreneur Oliver Marchand. They are called Tomatosheets because Oliver believes that you need to plant and care for your worksheets in the same way you have to care for tomato plants.