Zurich, September 16th, 2020 – As a world leader in tech and innovation, Switzerland is home to a growing number of impact tech entrepreneurs with innovative business models addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Swiss Tech for Impact sector is on the rise, and Switzerland has the prerequisites to establish itself as a leader also in this field. It presents a unique opportunity, however, what is needed to fully utilize this potential?

The new publication, Building the Swiss Tech for Impact Ecosystem, brings together experts and pioneers from the Swiss and European impact tech sector who share their valuable experiences and perspectives on what is needed to create a flourishing impact tech ecosystem.

The publication presents first insights to the opportunities for Switzerland as a leading Tech for Impact hub from different stakeholder perspectives. Further, it discusses the challenges we face, what we need to drive the sector forward and the role of different stakeholder groups.

With a view to the next steps towards concrete initiatives, and food for thought for a truly impactful future, SEIF hopes that this publication will provide positive impulses to strengthen the Tech for Impact ecosystem in Switzerland, in collaboration with relevant European partners.

Taking a step back from the broader impact perspective, the hope is that key stakeholders can start to implement the action points provided in this publication in the not too distant future.

About Tech for Impact

Tech for Impact is about solving societal and environmental challenges by using technology; enabled not only through new innovations, but also creative adaptations or applications of existing technologies. With the common denominator to develop solutions with positive impact on our society and environment, the impact tech sector relates to a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from health to agriculture, construction, energy, finance, education, food, waste management and transport.

About SEIF

Since 2011, SEIF innovation works with impact driven entrepreneurs who with their business models aim to solve some of our most pressing global challenges. SEIF offers specialized coaching, trainings, consulting and impact investment opportunities to support impact entrepreneurs to advance their businesses, enter the market, grow and scale successfully. In 2020, SEIF invest was founded as an addition to SEIF innovation, to take the next steps in the Swiss impact investing sector.

“The Swiss Tech for Impact sector is gaining momentum, and Switzerland has a unique opportunity to establish itself as a leading Tech for Impact hub. At SEIF innovation and SEIF invest, we are convinced about the vision of a flourishing Tech for Impact cluster in Switzerland and are aligning our activities in the field of capacity building, impact management and impact investing towards this goal.”

Prof. Mariana Christen Jakob, Founder & Managing Partner SEIF innovation | Co-Founder SEIF invest

Building the Swiss Tech for Impact Ecosystem

Expert Insights from Swiss and European Partners

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