With pride we announce the final selection for Samsung For Impact Switzerland 2020.

A batch of 5 impact startups will participate in accelerator program “Samsung For Impact”. An overview of the startups and a short description can be found below. 

We received 43 registrations from various sectors and different technological solutions. But the field of impact was the same for all of them: the challenges and opportunities of our ageing society.

Last week, 10 pre-selected startups pitched in front of a 9-member expert jury, which then selected the following startups for the program:


PIPRA developed an A.I. based preoperative risk assessment tool objectively determining a patients risk of postoperative delirium. Postoperative delirium in the elderly has a 25% mortality rate within one month, doubles nursing home admissions and in 38% of cases leads to long-term dementia. Detecting the high-risk patients before surgery reduces the incidence and helps keep the elderly healthy for longer.

PIPRA helps clinicians presurgically evaluate a patient’s risk by unbiased, data-driven scores calculated from risk factors, allowing for protective perioperative measures

Emovo Care

Emovo is a medical device robotic hand orthosis for stroke. Patent-pending artificial tendons enable to build a unique device to assist/rehabilitate directly at home.

Stroke is one of the leading causes of adult disabilities worldwide today, and it is expected to steadily grow due to population ageing.
Emovo’s system enables to bring care directly at home, reducing costs and secondary complications due to limited healthcare coverage.

P2 Solutions

P2 developed intelligent diapers for elderly care centers accurately measuring pee and feces and thus simplify the work of caregivers. During the night, caregivers wake up the elderly to change their diapers regardless of its content. Their software proposes routines to caregivers that calculate when diapers are full preventing, leakages and bedsores of the elderly. In doing so, the elderly receive a more pleasant experience.


We+Care is an integrated Swiss care coordination platform for distance carers of older people. As four out of five 80-year-olds live at home and 70% of the care is provided by 600’000 informal carers, We+Care is tapping the untapped knowledge of carers and helps creating the ‘optimal care’ solution by making informed decisions on how to setup and coordinate a cost-efficient care network.

Senopi AG

Senopi developed a proprietary platform enabling caregivers to control seniors’ VR experiences and is currently developing digital therapeutics to monitor and prevent age-related frailty and cognitive decline. It is a scalable solution for prolonging healthy lives and promoting seniors’ well-being. 

About the Jury

The jury was made up of experts from various sectors, all of whom have a connection and a great deal of know-how about the Ageing Society. The following people were part of it:

We are definitely super excited and very proud of the selection. And we are looking forward to working together with these impact driven startups. The program starts beginning of June. We will keep you updated.