The 10 finalists for the SEIF Awards 2020 Tech for Impact have been selected! Learn more about who they are and what they do below. 

With 365 applications, the number of applications for the SEIF Awards 2020 Tech for Impact hit a record high. The competition was very strong, with high quality applications from more than 30 different countries spanning across various impact and tech areas. 

This week, 20 preselected candidates got the opportunity to pitch in front of the SEIF Awards Jury. Comparing cases with different tech approaches, across various sectors and from different stages of development is not an easy task. Even with highly experienced jury members from various backgrounds and fields.

After careful considerations and discussions, we have the great pleasure to announce the 10 finalists of the SEIF Awards 2020 Tech for Impact.

Who are the finalists?

Carbo Culture (FI)
Carbo Culture creates functional biocarbons from waste – they manufacture biocarbon in an entirely new, patented way and produce high quality, consistent biochar for better agricultural performance and soil remediation, in a waste-to-resource, circular model.

Care to Translate (SE)
Care to Translate is a medical translator available 24/7 on all smart devices with the goal to make healthcare equal. Today Care to Translate is used by around 80 000 users in over 120 countries in all types of clinics. More than 1.5 million translations have been made in the tool so far.

DePoly (CH)
Plastics are inescapable in our everyday lives, and their sourcing from petrol erodes our progress against greenhouse gas emissions. DePoly chemically recycles post consumer PET plastic back to its main raw materials. These virgin quality raw materials are sold to industry, to make new items.

Green-Y Energy (CH)
Green-Y revolutionizes the energy sector: The combination of an electricity storage together with a heating and cooling unit in one decentralized device makes the integration of renewable energy on a large scale possible. An affordable and efficient system results, which only uses air and water.

MovementSciences (CH)
Due to chronic lack of physical activity, millions of senior citizens worldwide suffer from such severe spinal conditions that they have lost their autonomy completely. Pegasus Spine offers a completely digitalized service around spine care by simultaneously diagnosing, treating & reporting.

Néolithe (FR)
Néolithe’s solution is a mobile factory that transforms all non-recyclable waste into aggregates. These rocks can be used to make roads or concrete. This process pollutes 80% less than incineration and landfill. 

Oxara (CH)
Oxara’s patented, cement-free admixture technology transforms waste into an environmentally friendly and cost-effective building materials.

SpeakSee (NL)
SpeakSee is an assistive technology that transcribes speech to text in real time. SpeakSee has developed a unique system of microphones that captures what’s being said in conversations, identifies each speaker, and automatically transcribes it to text on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Synovance (FR)
To address global problems Synovance is developing the Next Generation Biorefineries. These will convert sustainable biomass into chemicals and proteins using microorganisms and fermentation.

Vatorex (CH)
Our world depends on bees. Vatorex helps beekeepers fight the Varroa mite, the biggest threat to honeybees, with eco-positive technology. They develop and provide innovative solutions for hive management and monitoring, to create a healthier and more sustainable world, by supporting bees.

Do you want to meet the finalists?

Join us for the SEIF Awards Ceremony on June 17th to connect with the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem, celebrate leading European Tech for Impact entrepreneurs and listen to inspiring speeches. Get your tickets here.

On behalf of the whole SEIF team and the Awards Jury, we would like to thank all applicants for their invaluable contributions to the SEIF Awards 2020!