It is not so much a question of hope as the belief that we can and must make a substantial contribution – Dario Casari on the Ageing Society

Dario Casari is a skilled Sales and Marketing Manager in the field of Information Technology and consumer electronics. He started with Samsung in 2007, and has managed to work his way to the top. Now, as the Vice President of Samsung Electronics Switzerland, Dario is all about speed and staying on top of innovation in […]

“Simply looking for a solution for ‘the old’ would probably not be enough.”: Dr. Antonia Jann about the ageing society

Switzerland is an ageing society, which confronts us with some future challenges but also opportunities. The current Covid-19 crisis demonstrates a solidarity between generations that must continue even after this pandemic is over. We spoke with Dr. Antonia Jann, Managing Director of the Age Stiftung, about future challenges of the ageing society and the role […]