What spreadsheets and tomatoes have in common

Serial entrepreneur and former SEIF Award winner Oliver Marchand has a passion for spreadsheets. According to him, they are critical in growing a successful company and relevant for a wide range of topics like meeting notes,¬†financial planning and marketing. Building on his experience with Carbon Delta an MSCI company, CEO and co-founder, Oliver held a […]

Build the world you want to live in

Norwegian-based Katapult Accelerator has a deep belief in exponential technologies, helping impact focused startups scale faster while solving global challenges. Earlier this year, we talked to Managing Partner & CEO, Haakon Brunell, about impact entrepreneurship and technology as a key driver for change. The interview was originally published in the 2019 SEIF Awards brochure. The […]

Why we need Tech for Impact

We live in fascinating, yet demanding, times when it comes to technology and global development. Better solutions are needed for both social and environmental challenges, as outlined by the¬†UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Technology not only has the potential to solve some of these challenges but often, also the scalability needed to meet their magnitude, […]