Are you facing a growth step and wonder how to bring your business model to the next level, creating the basis to open up new markets?

No doubt is there a lot to consider at this stage, ranging from a scalable high-impact business model, growth & internationalization strategies, partnership strategies, impact management, legal structures, organization, financing, team management, industry-specific mechanisms, business intelligence and KPIs.

These focus areas are at the core of the Innosuisse Startup Training Business Growth for Social Entrepreneurs. In this course, you get the opportunity to build a development strategy for scalable impact, plan growth financing for your social business, identify industry-specific mechanisms, risks, and opportunities for your startup. 

We turned to previous participant Camille Bossel from FoodHack to learn more about her experiences with the course.

Supporting food entrepreneurs from ideas to impact

FoodHack is currently building Switzerland’s food business incubator, providing local food entrepreneurs with the necessary workspace, facilities, training and network needed to grow their business and position Switzerland as a food innovation hub.

Growing a startup can often feel like navigating without a map. Joining the SEIF course helped me to quickly equip myself with the necessary knowledge needed as a founder, and use this to lead the team through our growth stage.

Hands on training

During the course, you will meet like-minded people who are striving to scale up the impact of their business. The hands-on approach, supported with theory, involves collaborative, engaging sessions where everyone could contribute and take part.

Expert coaching & pitching skills for growth

Camille says she particularly enjoyed the complementary mentors at each session, bringing their perspectives from a sustainability and traditional businesses approach. At the end of the course, you get the chance to test your pitching skills and gain feedback from experienced investors.

What I was happily surprised by is the friendships and professional connections I made over the course and being surrounded by other like-minded social entrepreneurs. 

Key takeaways & future outlook

The learnings I gained gave me the confidence and know how to help transition FoodHack from a project into a business, says Camille.

 The information I learned has been passed onto the team and played an active part in updating our growth strategy, selecting our advisors and building our business plan and financials.

Business Growth for Social Entrepreneurs – how to scale up your impact startup

Who can participate? Selection criteria

A maximum of 12 participants per course will be admitted.

When and where does the course take place?

Business Growth for Social Entrepreneurs is a 5-day intensive course, spread over several weeks. The next course takes place in Bern, starting October 30th. Further details about the program and structure can be found here.

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Download the course brochure here.