Author: Benno Gasser, Editorial Manager External Relations, Janssen-Cilag AG

Learn how Johnson & Johnson helps transforming the healthcare industry and what motivated the organization to support the seif Award for Social Entrepreneurship.

We live in fascinating yet challenging times when it comes to technical progress. The digital revolution impacts the daily life of all of us and continues to change healthcare fundamentally. The cloud, mobile communications, advanced analytics and the internet of things are among the innovations that transform the healthcare-industry. Johnson & Johnson is at the forefront of inventing digital solutions to help address some of the world’s biggest health problems and is working with leading technology companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, HP and IBM to innovate in exciting new ways. Johnson & Johnson’s digital businesses address a full spectrum of healthcare needs, from smart products that personalize healthcare solutions based on a patient’s behavior, to new models of engagement with patients and healthcare providers:

Advancing new Healthcare Solutions through Innovation and Collaboration

There are several ways how Johnson & Johnson seeks to positively impact human health through innovation. On the one hand through regional hubs – the so-called Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers – which are constantly percolating with new concepts for improving human health. Another way we help creating new healthcare solutions is through the JLABS which provide a capital efficient and flexible platform where emerging companies can transform the scientific discoveries of today into the breakthrough healthcare products of tomorrow. JLABS facilities have incubated more than 200 companies to date and are currently home to over 140 companies advancing biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer and digital health programs. To date, a total of 33 collaborations have been formed between companies residing at JLABS and the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

Johnson & Johnson also invests in social innovations and supports entrepreneurs through various initiatives. One of them being the recently launched GenH Challenge, a global social venture competition dedicated to finding solutions for some of the world’s toughest health problems, so we can help create the healthiest generation ever.

The seif Award for Social Entrepreneurship supports innovative business ideas to solve social and environmental issues. By introducing a new category for Digital Healthcare, we believe that this will be another great way for us to commit to help finding innovative solutions for human health. This is why Johnson & Johnson is really proud to be sponsoring the seif Digital Healthcare Award this year for the first time and we look forward to receiving many great proposals – as a great idea can come from anyone, anywhere.

Download Johnson & Johnson’s Flyer – Award for Digital Healthcare – seif Awards 2017.