Entrepreneurs tend to face similar challenges, regardless of their stage of development. However, the level of priority and urgency of some of these problems change according to their development.

Finding the right financing sources, for example, is a central question for all entrepreneurs, but understanding the long-term consequences of bringing on board an investor, its legal implications and the pros and cons of the financial opportunities out there are of particular importance for those in the growth phase.

This can be a very intensive, resource consuming and burdensome stage, as demands to grow the business add to the demands of the daily operations. As a result, essential aspects of expanding one’s product and offer into new markets can be easily overlooked. To minimize the risk of this happening, seif offers social entrepreneurs a 5-day-course “Business Growth for Social Entrepreneurship” workshop, characterized by its high-quality and affordability.

During this course participants will get the chance to ask questions to an expert at the Financial Agency for Social Entrepreneurship (FASE), who will share their experience around impact investing and will provide participants with a unique insight into the area from “behind the scene”. Participants will also receive advice from a specialized lawyer on the different legal aspects all growing business needs to consider. Together with this, those attending the workshop will have the opportunity to learn practical tips and hear about the practical experience of 5 social entrepreneurs who have gone through the growth phase and closed financial rounds.

The course will also address issues around dealing and managing external input, especially when working with larger organisations, and how to measure and communicate the company’s impact in its surroundings, a topic that is increasingly important for impact investors and which can be tricky to implement in practice. Importantly too, entrepreneurs attending the Business Growth seminar will also have the opportunity to know and work together with other entrepreneurs in their field, a valuable experience that can contribute to the further development of the company.

The 5-days-course Business Growth for Social Entrepreneurship takes place on 25, 26 and 31 October, and 9 and 10 November and costs CHF 300. It is not a must to attend all 5 days, you can choose single days to participate according to your interest and schedule. Places are limited.

Register here or contact Prof. Mariana Christen Jakob at mariana.christen@seif.org if you have any questions.