It may be perhaps a bit late to have a look back to 2015. But there have been so many things going on at seif that we didn’t manage to tell you everything that happened before the year ended, and some things are too important to not mentioning.

Like, for example, that we awarded the seif Label to two amazing enterprises that you better watch out for: Coachfrog and Velarfica.

These companies have gone through a rigorous tailored program that in the words of Kathrin Lehner, CEO and Founder of Coachfrog,

“the Label Process had a great impact on our business development and helped us to seriously prepare for the first investment round. We got strong support according to our business model, financials and strategy in fundraising.”

While for Velafrica

“the inputs from experts over the last 1,5 years during the seif label program has led to many important changes in the organisational processes of Velafrica. This helped us to set the focus on the important aspects for improvement, such as a sound financial management tool or an indicator framework for assessing the social impact. All this will help us and our local social enterprises in Africa to reach our vision and attract social investors in the coming years.“

We are really happy to welcome these last two additions and look forward to working closer together in the future to ensure their sustainable development and growth.

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