April saw the beginning of a new edition of seif’s Business Creation for Social Entrepreneurs workshop and once again we were impressed by the energy and eagerness of the participants to set up their own social business.

For seif is a pleasure and an honour to work alongside these professional people during their early stages and to support them in their development from an idea to a company. But we are not the only ones and this year a journalist from DRS joined in the first day to listen to the different projects to understand better the motivation behind their idea and the trends in the field of social entrepreneurship. This featured on “Trend” on SRF1 “Die Welt retten und dabei Geld verdienen”.

During the course the future social entrepreneurs presented their business idea, worked on their business case and model, learn from the experts leading the seminars and got to know other members of the social entrepreneurial community to get a flavour of things to come. Given the quality of the projects and enthusiasm of the attendees, we can only look forward to the pitch session on the last day at Swisscom Pirate’s Hub in mid-May.