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Do you believe your investments should have a financial return and create a lasting social impact?

Social enterprises address social and environmental challenges with a business approach. They have explicit financial and social goals, and their positive social impact can be transparently measured. Providing capital to companies that are aligned with these purposes is what impact investing is all about. We believe that financial resources, allocated to social enterprises are a tremendous force for social change. If you are eager to contribute to this endeavor, join our pitching events and/or Impact Investors Circle.

Join our Pitching Events

With the aim to bridge the funding gap for social enterprises in the early stage phase, seif organizes 4 pitching events throughout the year with 16-20 social enterprises presenting. These events are not limited to professional impact investors, but open to all those who are interested in having a financial return combined with social impact and plan to invest in a social venture.

The participants will hear about the work of inspiring social entrepreneurs and get the chance to connect with the impact angel’s community.

The next pitching event will take place in spring 2018 in Zurich.

1) April 2017: Pitching Companies

2) June 2017: Pitching Companies

3) August 2017: Pitching Companies

4) December 2017: Pitching Companies

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