Impact Investors Circle

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Our Impact Investors Circle

Founded by seif in 2015, Impact Investors Circle is a network of impact investors committed to making a positive impact with their investments in early stage social enterprises. Our members are business angels, family offices and those interested in having a financial return and social impact. The investors in the circle will have the chance to participate on 4 pitching events throughout the year with 16-20 social enterprises presenting. Additionally to each Pitching Event we will now offer an Investment Round Table, with only investors present to exchange on investment opportunities and terms.

Our aims are to:

  • Bridge the funding gap for social enterprises in the early stage phase.
  • Facilitate the interaction between social enterprises and impact investors.
  • Generate a social impact and a financial return on investments.
  • Build a network of impact angels in Switzerland.
Find out more in our Impact Investors Circle Flyer

For further information please contact Karen Rauschenbach

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