Mentoring Programs & Impact Measurement

Mentoring Programs

As someone once put it, even the best tennis players have coaches. So why not give it a try and register for one of our corporate mentoring programs this Autumn?

The impact BOOST program is a 6-month scheme where social entrepreneurs and senior managers at corporations with years of experienced are matched according to skills and needs.

The program is free of charge and during it social entrepreneurs are expected to work in a business matter of their choice together with their mentors to gain new impartial insights and advice, networks, potential new leads, impartial advice on your business, etc.

We are currently looking for social enterprises in fintech, energy, mobility, upcoming technology or house&living, AND social entrepreneurs in any area looking for mentoring support in finance structuring, customer segmentation and client relationships, project management, team building, sales, risk management, data analysis, marketing, compliance, accounting and communications, among others.

If this sounds appealing to you, contact Olalla to register your interest or have any question about it.

Please note that this is NOT a financing program and participants will NOT be allowed to ask for funding support from their mentors.

The relationship with the mentor gave us great access to his extensive experience and huge network. I am still meeting with the mentor even though the program is over. He is always willing to challenge me and our business model and knows almost every CEO in Switzerland by first name – Matthias Meier, Aiducation

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Social Impact Measurement Consultation

Being able to show how one’s actions affect the groups and communities one is trying to help is becoming an essential part of doing business as a social enterprise. However, navigating the different existing social impact measurement tools and being able to clearly differentiate between outputs and outcomes is not obvious for everyone.

To guide entrepreneurs throughout this process seif offers personalised training sessions on impact measurement following the “five-steps” method approved by the European Commission.

To know more or arrange a consultation, contact Dr. Olalla Linares Segade.