Impact Academy – Get Ready for Impact Investments

Welcome to the Impact Academy

As someone once put it, even the best tennis players have coaches. So why not give it a try and register for our corporate coaching program?

The Impact Academy offers you targeted support in crucial areas of the growth phase of your Social Business. The aim is to make your Start-up ready for Impact Investments through Coaching and a supplementing online library. After your registration we will assess the stage of your business and decide on your admission to the Academy. Please note that you need at least a proof-of-concept to be accepted to the Academy. Please find more detailed information about the Academy below.

What is the Impact Academy?

  • The Coaching is a 6-month cycle where Social Entrepreneurs (Coachees) and experienced corporate senior managers (Coaches) are matched. The pairs then work together on a specific defined task according to the needs of the social entrepreneur and the skills of the senior level manager.
  • Implementation of a Toolkit and Library to deepen your knowledge in various topics around Impact Investing.
  • Input Sessions on Impact Measurement and Financing

Please note that this is NOT a financing program and participants will NOT be allowed to ask for funding support from their mentors. Furthermore, this program requires you to attend regular meetings in Switzerland.

Who is it for?

This program is for Social Businesses in the Growth phase – at least a proof-of-concept is required to be accepted to the Academy.

How to attend?

  • To apply to the Impact Academy, please use the button below (first come, first serve; open until February 15th)
  • seif will subsequently assess your business growth potential as well as current stage and will identify support areas
  • You will be notified by email between February 22nd and March 15th whether you are accepted to the Academy and with which Coach you were matched
  • Save the Date: The Kick-off to the Academy will take place on March 22nd