Business Creation Seminar

Business Creation Seminar

Have you recently started your own business or are you about to do so? Join the “Business Creation” Seminar to learn all about the founding of a company and the development of a business model.

The next Business Creation Seminar will take place on the following dates:

19.04.2018 Day 1: Understanding your Business Opportunity
20.04.2018 Day 2: Developing your Product & Business
02.05.2018 Day 3: Funding & Presenting your Business
08.05.2018 Day 4: Making your Business Sustainable
23.05.2018 Day 5: Protecting your Business, Jury Pitching

Each day is structured into consistent and concise sub-courses, so the most relevant concepts, instruments and experiences can be exchanged with direct impact and trained and applied in-depth in order to maximize knowledge transfer and to finally meet the learning objectives set.

Course Description

The course concept considers that technology-based, knowledge-based and business model innovation-based social startups and entrepreneurs need to deepen and train their understanding and competences within five fields of expertise in order to build up and run an own startup in its initial phase of creation and foundation:

  • Understanding your business opportunity and the societal change
  • Developing your product an business according to the theory of change
  • Funding and presenting your business and your impact model
  • Making your business sustainable in the impact and the financial side
  • Protecting your business and maximizing the impact

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